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Check out the 2014 Dodge Journey R/T in the pre-owned inventory for Redwater Dodge. This nearly new SUV gives you everything you’re looking for at an affordable price.

The Pearl White exterior showcases a classy look for the 2014 Dodge Journey R/T with large, sporty rims, which is part of the R/T package. Lexican-coated headlights are durable while the fog lamps enhance your vision in less than ideal conditions. An assisted liftgate makes loading easier while parking sensors enhance safety. Seats fold down and a privacy screen keeps your cargo well-hidden.

Keyless entry with remote start offer convenience on the 2014 Dodge Journey R/T. Leather trim and leather seating creates a refined space. Ambient lighting on the doors brightens the area when you open the door.

Heated power seats enhance your travels while the hands-free Bluetooth and 8.4-inch touchscreen keep you informed and connected. This SUV offers numerous features to improve your trips, such as dual-zone air conditioning, illuminated entry, tilt and telescopic steering wheel and a heated steering wheel.

Powered by a 3.6L engine, the 2014 Dodge Journey R/T gives you exceptional performance. Paired with an automatic transmission, you enjoy smooth control. As an all-wheel drive, you can count on arriving at your destination even with snow or rain.

2014 Dodge Journey R/T Engine:

  • 3.6L: 283 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque

Feel secure behind the wheel of the 2014 Dodge Journey R/T with features such as traction control, ABS brakes, rear parking sensors and multiple airbags. A passed inspection and clean CarProof ensure you have a vehicle that is ready to go. Stop by Redwater Dodge to check it or another of our pre-owned models out in person.

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Video Transcript:

Good afternoon, Internetland. Travis here at Redwater Dodge. We’re going over some of our pre-owned inventory today. I’ve got something extra special for you.

You’re looking at a nearly new 2014 Dodge Journey R/T. Being the R/T, it does have all-wheel drive. It does have an upgraded R/T Package, so you’ll notice the larger, more sporty rims. It’s a beautiful Pearl White colour, Lexican-coated headlights, fully-equipped with the fog lamps as well.

Colour-matched heated mirrors. It does have the proximity entry, which when paired with the keyless entry, it means you can use the fob or all you have to do is have the fob on you. You can physically lock it or if you put your hand in it, the sensor will sense it to unlock. So, as long as you have the fob on you, you can do that, guys.

It’s got the beautiful leather trim, and it’s got the leather armrests on the door. Full leather console in the middle there, and an automatic transmission. It does have the 8.4-inch touchscreen and parking sensors in the rear. It has the beautiful LED lights on the armrest there. You can see it on the far side. Power seats, they’re heated as well. Hands-free Bluetooth, got the cruise control there. Auto headlights and taillights. Vehicle display centre there. 23,000 km, like I said there guys, this thing’s pretty well brand new. See how the keyless entry works here. Push the unlock. It does have the remote start as well. Comfortably seats five, there’s tons of room back there, guys. These seats fold down as well to create optimal storage space.

Come around to the back. As I mentioned previously, it is an R/T. There’s the R/T badge. It does also have the parking sensors in the rear. Essentially, the closer this van, this van, this half-van, crossover van gets to you, it goes beep, beep, beep.

Assisted liftgate there, you’ll notice the shocks there on either side. They make that easy to go up. A nice feature is the privacy screen. We’re in the holiday months now, and it’s a perfect way to hide your Christmas gifts in the back seat. Under this little flap here, tons of storage. Lift this up here. It comes with all of the equipment you need to change your spare tire. I believe the spare tire is underneath. If anything would happen at night, you have this LED flashlight to help you change a tire and enable you with all the vision in the world.

I’ve got some paperwork to share with you, guys, in my manila file. Looking at the CarProof here, no damage records found. It is an Alberta-registered vehicle. You’ll notice here it’s got the VIN. It’s got the type of model of vehicle, 2014 Dodge Journey R/T.

We’ll just scroll through quickly. No liens, normal Alberta registration, no insurance claims, no accidents. Clean CarProof, guys. At Redwater Dodge, we have you sign every single page. That way, there’s no miscommunication between the dealer and the customer.

Here’s our AMVIC inspection. You’ll notice everything has been listed as compliant. 23,620 km when it was filled out on the form, that’s about 30 km shy of where it sits. Signed off by one of our master techs there. This is what you guys have come to expect, and this is what we continue to provide down here at Redwater Dodge.

All of our vehicles are fully AMVIC inspected, you will get to see a copy of a CarProof. Nine times out of ten you’ll see it before you can even make it down here at the store. We’re all about full disclosure here, we’re all about customer service, guys.

Feel free to visit our website for any more possible information about this Dodge Journey redwaterdodge.com. Feel free to visit our blog, askredwaterdodge.com to see what people are saying about us and to read about past experiences. There’s tons of video testimonials up there as well.

You can check out our used inventory as well as our new inventory on our website. Feel free to call us down here at the store anytime between 9 and 6 during the week and 9 and 5 on Saturdays if you have questions. 780-942-3629. Better yet, get yourself down here in a hurry and we’ll start looking at a few things in person. Thanks.

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