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What is up internet Travis here at Redwater Dodge today we are going to go over one of the latest and greatest for Redwater Dodge trade-ins parked behind me.

It’s a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package. The Canada Value Package was introduced to provide people with the luxury, the experience, the ability to drive Canada’s greatest minivan on a budget. We take plenty of them in on trade.

True Blue in colour. Blue’s not even a Canadian thing so I can’t say like True North strong and free or anything it doesn’t make any sense it’s

blue but anyway, Canada!

Lexan coated headlights they’re not going to chip crack or break or anything like that. It is a beautiful colour the blue does very well at hiding any danger scratches or anything like that. Speaking of dings and scratches, because we are a full disclosure store I figured I might as well show you this little dent on the side here.

Nothing too major it’s not going to cost you a million dollars or anything to get that repaired keep in mind is a used vehicle, so it does come fully-equipped with a CarProof as well as an AMVIC ¬†inspection. You will be a-ok. Next to new rubber on here guys.

It does have the keyless entry and also has an aftermarket remote start that works very well by Compustar here I’ll show you. Premium cloth, ¬†we have dual climate control with air conditioning we also have the Eco mode. 77,000 kilometers just under 76 944. You got a CD player up in here.

A little bit of storage space guys also gives you the spy mirror to take a look back and see the kids dogs whatever you have back there doing weird stuff that they shouldn’t be doing.

We are in the second row, and we are looking at some in floor storage space now on each side your room for two people in the middle three people in the back. Ample storage space if, by storage space, you mean place to put your kids or your friend’s kids.


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We’ll open up the back hatch here as I mentioned storage space on storage space. We’re gonna pull these up hold on a minute. Very easy to go through, i’m going to go through the process right now all of these are labeled all the straps are labeled so step one, step two, step three, step four and a and floor is a completely flat surface the front seats are removable.

When the front seats are out in the seats are folded down you can easily fit an 8′ sheet of plywood in the back here. I’ve moved plenty of times in a Grand Caravan. So we’ll go over some paperwork we got here, we’ve got our CarProof for our 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan CVP. No damage records, Alberta Registration, never been stolen, no US history and no recall information it’s a pin. The windshield has been replaced; driver side wiper blades have been replaced.

Everything else listed as compliant that was done at 76,401 kilometers. So a mere 400-500 kilometers put on since the AMVIC Inspection for more information guys on this pre-owned Caravan or other pre-owned inventory visit our website www.redwaterram.com take advantage of the live chat feature the live chat feature will connect you directly to one of the sales associates physically in the building. So we care about our inventory we know about the inventory and it’s within walking distance if we need any extra information.

Feel free to give us a call down here at the store as well 780-942-3629 if all of that is moving a little too fast for you feel free to send off an email to sales@redwaterdodge.com thanks for watching guys we will be in touch soon.

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