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Good Evening everyone, It’s El Chapo at Redwater Dodge and today we’re going to be going over one of our most prized pieces of use inventory; most prized probably; number one I probably say it’s number one. If it looks fast and furious, that’s because it’s both. Too fast and too furious.

Our most recent trading was parked in the showroom today, we took it in today, it’s fully detailed, immaculate. 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT with 392 HEMI. Incredible, we’ve got the rally race tracks up the center there; Dominic Torreto styles. 6.4 Litres of I hope you brought your seatbelt. This is a basket that I have. There’s your 392 HEMI right there. Still pretty easy to get these things service all the stuff that you’re going to have to do on your own obviously, is going to be clearly marked. All the things you’re not supposed to touch looks like a rocket ship, don’t touch those parts, but the pedals on the inside.

We’re walking, we’re walking, we’re walking… BOOM, SRT wheels wrapped in some Goodyear rubber. The beautiful 20-inch SRT rim super-solid upgraded Brembo brakes, calipers.  Got your keyless entry so as long as you have the fob you can get in or out. Locking button up top, centers on the bottom. You can sit down. Taking a look at the interior of your custom SRT seats, so it’s more of a suede-like material up the center, wrapped with a beautiful leather, you got a leather-wrapped steering wheel as well. There’s some beautiful carbon fiber add-ons in here. Interesting fact: this car only has 2000 kilometers, oh my gosh whaaat? Yeah I know seriously only has 2000 kilometers, isn’t that a treat in a basket with a bunch of stuff in it.

Push button start, obviously you have nine million horsepower, so it’s got an automatic; so you can focus on only  driving straight and not shifting gears; for those people who feel like it’s probably hard to do both. It’s also got paddle shifters up here for when you’re feeling really race car. Take a look down there your brake pedal has got extra grip he’s on it as well as your accelerator pedal double extra triple quad grippies. The last thing you want to do is be going 950 miles an hour in your foot slips off like oh man, hit a wall, done, fire-roasted. It’s not your Sport mode obviously, and that changes how quick or slow or fast or mild your transmission shifts for more speeds.  Fully-loaded with a sunroof.  It is really low to the ground, so i’m bending but your seats are heated, it’s got the hands-free Bluetooth, feel free to call people while you’re brap brapin’ all over the place.


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I’m gonna walk up to the front and pop the trunk just kidding you can get in from right here see? You actually have a boatload of trunk space here as well. Storage for days which is good for El Chapo we like storage…not for smuggling just for your groceries.  Guys, I understand it’s winter, I understand that a lot of people like “well man, I don’t really want to buy an SRT in the winter”, but you want to wait until summer? When the prices are like bing bing bing bing bing!! Or do you want to wait right now, when they are like wa buh buh buh buh see what I did there with the tones and the up and the..anyway…

For more information on the 2014 SRT Dodge Challenger visit our website www.redwaterram.com. Take advantage of the live chat you can speak directly to me, or to Brittany, or to Tyler, or whoever else works here.  That’s not who I just named I didn’t forget about you on purpose. Email me travis@redwaterdodge.com; I got all the info as far as specs and information on the SRT. Give me a call to start today 780-942-3629 but we’re not done yet because I got a CarProof. No damage records, no lean records, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, so it’s not really Dominic Torettos’s car.. I lied. No recalls at all it’s perfectly mint.  It’s literally got like 2,000 kilometers on it. Parking sensors are whirring a super fast and you got the little fin at the back for extra speeds. If you’re as hard as I think you are you’ll give me a call today and come down and take a look at the Challenger.  If you’re not beat it cause El Chapo does not have any time to play around, we’re moving units over here; Redwater Dodge.

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