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By September 16, 2016Used Inventory

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Hey, guys. Brittany here from Redwater Dodge to show another one of our used inventory units today. Today I have for you a 2014 Chevy Trax. It is in a lovely purple kind of dark grey color. It’s actually a really cool unit. Let me show you guys. Come around the side here.

So brand new tires; the stickers are actually still on the back. So brand new tires, and you don’t have to worry for winter. They’re an all-terrain. Coming on inside here: have a look, and I’ll meet you on the other side. Hi! So this unit for being a 2014 it only has 44, 500 kilometers on it, so low K. It does have a Bose system in here so good beats. Nice touch screen there. It is equipped with OnStar, air conditioning, and all that jazz.

There’s lots of little storage compartments. This one has a USB port in it as well. There’s a little hidden compartment hidden under the seat. I won’t say that’s for beer, but that’s for beer. Yeah, have a look at the seats guys. They kind of got a different little tread to them. A really nice premium cross-leather seat.

Come on in the back guys and have a look. So for your smaller SUV it actually does have quite a bit of room. There’s an AC Jack for a 120 volt power back there, which is great. It does have weather tech mats as well, so good for all sorts of weather; and maybe not for buying but I’m sure it’ll handle some mud.


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Coming around the back guys. It is equipped with a backup camera as well as your rear sensors; so if your wife or your grandma’s driving don’t be afraid. She might not back into something.

I am going to show you another thing today: the CarProof of this vehicle. So it’s actually great. There’s no damage records found. There’s a lien record. That’s us. We own it. A Canadian registration only in Alberta. Never stolen. So a great clean Carproof as well as all the vehicle maintenance records on here as well.

If you guys are interested in this unit or something else that we might have give us a shout Redwater Dodge: 780-942-3629 or at sales@redwaterdodge.com. Send us an e-mail, and we’ll get back to you. Again my name is Brittany, and I hope you guys enjoyed the Chevy Trax. Have a great day!

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