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By December 5, 2016Used Inventory

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What’s up Internet? Travis here, Facebook’s favourite salesperson coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge, the home of the $10 Oil Change! Yes, that includes Cummins diesel as well.

We’re going over one of the trade-ins that I personally recently just took in. Parked behind me is a 2013 Ram 2500 5.7 liter HEMI, still an HD truck. We’ve got some nice features that I want to talk about.

First things first, light bar. Everybody knows if we’re going to do anything work related, got to have a light bar. This is the SXT package, so we’re looking at black bumpers, did you hear that? Solid! Dwayne the Rock Johnson solid. You got lexan coated headlights. Michael J White couldn’t even break those headlights bro.

Come around to the side, cool upgrade for this truck is we’ve got a 20 inch Laramie rim fully equipped with a Firestone Transforce All Terrain tire. Great tread, nice rim, accents the truck nicely. We’ve got matte black mirrors, we’ve got a cab-length black running boards, easy access in and out.

Take a look on the inside, this is the ideal work truck this is something that you invest money in to get money out of every day when you wake up in the morning. Hammer the alarm clock punch the clock into work.

Things we’ve also got the auxiliary switch here for the light bar, look how bright that is! Light bars are actually gangster!

We’ve got vinyl flooring, vinyl seats, we’ve got the four-by-four on the floor there, bench seat in the front with a small console, aftermarket heated seats, auto headlights, beautiful steering wheel, cruise control. Just over 68,000 kilometres. I’m going to walk around the other side we’re going to talk, it’s going to be great.

Yeah are you just soaking up all this vinyl?

Integrated trailer brake tow haul mode. We’ve got the tire inflation button for when you’re carrying a light load, super sweet option for work trucks. We have the smaller screen for the UConnect 5.1 system, AM/FM, and you also do have different outlets of media to put in there such as auxiliary cord, one source of media, USB port same thing and then you got USB port strictly for charging.

Folds up, bench seat!

Take a look at the back, full-size crew cab, so it does have plenty of space in it for storage. These are removable so if you get them dirty, take them out and clean them. I actually like the vinyl floor takes five seconds you can literally go through this truck with the compressor and have it clean. Seats fold up as a whole, a little bit of storage there, cup holders in the back. Take a peek at the back, back.

As it sits right now it does have the headache graph on there as I mentioned this is a working mans truck. We have the seven and four pin wire with the class 5 receiver, we can essentially pull any bumper pull trailer. Spray-in bedliner and look there’s not a mat and it’s still not all scratched up and ruined.

Got some paperwork for this one here we’re going over the CarProof quickly. No damage records found, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history. no recall information available.

For all the guys out there who are just getting ready to go back to work. For all you plumbers, all you electricians, all of you guys who are doing hard-working tradesmen stuff while I sit here in my office and make these ridiculous videos, this is the perfect truck for you.

This is like I said this is an investment, it isn’t something you’re going to make payments and trade it in and like I made a lot of payments, the trucks going to make you money. That’s what it’s meant for.

b_58434d2eb08e5_121006281_2013_ram_2500Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

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Thanks so much for watching guys, we will be back with another used vehicle anytime now. Redwater Dodge, home from the $10 Oil Change and the Rig Ready Ram, and this awesome used trade in!

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