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By November 21, 2016Used Inventory

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Good Afternoon, Internet. Travis here at Redwater Dodge and today we’re going to go over one of our most recent pieces of used inventory. Parked behind me is a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn. Black Gold in colour,  very rare to see these in the half-ton; as far as I know I don’t know where you live, but I barely see any of them.

Big and bright projector style headlights, lexan coated. I’m tripping over my words today I don’t know what’s happening it must be the coffee. You got your chromed-out Laramie Longhorn grill. We’ve got the beautiful black bug deflector here in the front chrome clad front bumper, heavy-duty tow hooks. We do have a place for a novelty license plate. I know all you people out there love those. 20-inch Laramie Longhorn rim, solid, wrapped in a Goodyear Wrangler tire. All the tires are brand new; we’ve got your heavy duty rubber, heavy-duty rubber mud flaps.

You’ve got your cab length running boards here, beautiful chrome tow mirrors on this.  Very nice for all the towing things are going to do. We’ve got your keyless entry as well as remote start, so we’re going to take it take a look inside there. You got your beautiful cattle brown interior. 8.4-inch touchscreen, you got to your heated seats, they’re also cooled, your steering wheel is heated as well; it’s got beautiful, beautiful wood on the top there; incredibly nice. Upgraded Alpine Audio System, 7-inch vehicle display center. 61,000 kilometers, I mean you’re not going to find a Laramie Longhorn with that low of kilometers, with the console shifter, in as good of condition for the price point that we have it.

Sunroof, automatic sliding rear window, power seats on each side, incredible storage space. Take a look in the back I don’t know if you notice, but we got the rain guards on all four of the doors here. It does have the the updated Alpine audio system; so you got the roof speakers there.  We’ve got your Longhorn floor mats in the interior, heated rear seats, some sweet little Indiana Jones type satchels on the back for storage reasons. Seats fold up; my side is going to have a woofer underneath it, your side is gonna have a little bit of extra storage space there. You can put all kinds of whose it’s what’s down there, magazines, whatever the case may be. You’re looking at am Arrow truck cap canopy, beautifully colour-matched, we’ve got our backup camera here Laramie Longhorn badging, obviously 7 and 4-pin wiring, dual exhaust, and parking sensors in the rear.  

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I’m gonna grab some paperwork here for you, which I so conveniently forgot in the front. So, on this beautiful truck we’ve got our AMVIC inspection here. Everything has been listed as compliant that was in at 61,503 kilometers so not long ago at all. We’ve also gone ahead and completed an out of province inspection because we did import this truck from out-of-province.  So you know it’s in tip-top condition because I don’t know if you ever had to get one but that is the most tedious inspection on anything that

I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve also got a copy of a CarProof report here. We’ll go into a little bit further detail about, oh my goodness, there’s papers on papers. No damage records found, it was registered originally in BC, so that’s where he brought the truck in from, no

US history, no recall history. So it’s a pin essentially, it’s got a clean CarProof, it’s got a full out-of-province inspection done, it’s got 61,000 kms, it’s in impeccable shape. It is a rare colour; especially for the year, especially for the half ton series.  You see a lot of the black gold in the 2500 and 3500 HDs, very seldom do you see it in the 1500 series.

Anyway, I’m done talking you’re probably sick of hearing me talk to visit our website www.redwaterram.com, take advantage of the live chat feature. Remember, we are the home of the $10 Oil Change so feel free to visit that website as well. That’s http://www.10DollarOilChange.ca to book yourself in today. Please take advantage of our live chat feature which puts you directly in contact with our sales associates.  Give us a call down here 780-942-3629, ask for Travis, don’t play yourself. Email me travis@redwaterdodge.com or anybody else if you don’t like me. sales@redwaterdodge.com… it would be a little bit harsh but whatever, you have options. Exercise your options, and we’ll be back next time.

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