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Good Afternoon internet, It’s Travis here at Redwater Dodge and i’m back again with another recent trade in. This is a beautiful Mazda6 that I personally took in on trade. It is a very stylish looking vehicle. Front wheel drive system it’s the bright white. Protector style lenses in the front with the Mazda you have no issues seeing anything while in these dirty Berta winter months.

Come along to the side here we’ve got a Michelin all-season 16-inch rim. That is a cap on top of the steel rim so you know maybe don’t smash in any curbs. Coloured to match mirrors here as well, handles everything is pretty much colour to match. It is more of a pearl colour than a bright white. I guess take a peek on the inside there and walk around the other side. So first things first we

So first things first we’ve got our premium cloth interior, am/fm satellite radio equipped, we’ve also got our hands-free Bluetooth available we do have cruise control, air conditioning. You also have the option for tiptronic as well I believe just over a hundred kilometers on this unit. It does have an aftermarket remote starter installed as well which is nice. ¬†Yeah 107K on it so it’s a pin. I know where those kilometers or highway kilometers for fact. Full-size sedan so the Mazda6 is actually pretty roomy. Pop a squat back here and it’s like yeah no problem. Tons of room, all the activities, cup holders.

Let’s take a look in the trunk. Auto trunk pops so it unlocks it for you. Gonna pop that open look at how much space is in there. It’s Christmas season so i’m going to bring up Christmas gifts,Christmas presents, Christmas trees. Maybe not a tree would fit in there but a ton of other stuff.


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

Got some paperwork here for you we’re gonna be taking a look at the AMVIC inspection. You’ll notice everything is listed off is compliant. Perfect, in mint condition, passed the AMVIC inspection with flying colours.

Now we’re gonna take a look at the CarProof. No damage, records found, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recall information available. It is a pin, only 107 kms guys. Beautiful white colour, ¬†beautiful front wheel drive system. Mazda’s are known for their longevity; as well as their fuel economy. There’s also a ton of room in there not-so-big sedan. So if you’re looking for something cheap, reliable, sturdy, trustworthy, unreal to get you through the winter; take a look at this Mazda. For more information on the Mazda6 visit our website www.redwaterram.com. Take advantage of the live chat feature i’ll get into direct contact with the salespeople here. We’re more than willing to help you out if we don’t know something we will find out for you. Give us a call down here at the store today 780-942-3629. Email me personally travis@redwaterdodge.com. Thank you for watching, thank you for supporting make Redwater Dodge great again I’m out of here.

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