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By November 25, 2016Used Inventory

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Good Morning Internet, Travis at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 Oil Change and Rig Ready Ram and today we’re going to be going over one of our most recent trade-ins. Parked behind me is a 2013 GMC Yukon Denali a beautiful cream colour, it does have the beautiful 3M up here all the way up the headlights preventing, protecting against stubborn rock chips.

We’ve got the fog lamps down here, I love the GMC grille. I love the cream colour, I love the big and bright headlights on the front. It has some incredible incredible Bridgestone Dueler rubber. Look at how nice and shiny that rim is. If that doesn’t scream El Chapo I don’t know what does.  

The backside of our mirrors have actually got a protective filming on them as well. Last thing you want to be when scratching out all up and banging it around to make it look bad.  We’ve got painted to match plastic body molded mud flaps on the front as well as on the rear. Beautiful chrome door handles in the front and the back, we’ve also got a beautiful chrome strip there. Take a peek on the inside

Beautiful peanut butter interior, we’ve got all the wood grain in the world for when you’re feeling extra Boss. We’ve got the wood grain steering wheel, we do have the hands-free Bluetooth, we also have the gear up gear down feature here; which is very very nice to have with towing. Speaking of towing, tow mode. Just up to 80,000 kilometers of my memory serves me correctly it’s got about 78,000. We do have your big touchscreen here fully-equipped with navigation it is also a dvd-rom player. You also have access to satellite radio. Look at that super deep console imagine all the things you can put in there are you imagining? greeat.  Power seats on each side. Let’s take a step to the back, look at that sunroof on the way out. Captain chairs are also in the back.

We’ve also got a couple of different settings in the back here so we can control our climate whilst back here, we can also control what radio we decide that we’re gonna listen via headset. You also have heated seats, cup holders for those bevvies yo! We’ve also got extra seating back there as well if your family’s mad huge or if you’re transporting illegal human beings.

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We’re going to take a look at the back here.  Backup camera right here in this general area. There’s an auto liftgate, it’s going to come right up. These read seats are removable they are also able to be folded down push one done, two is for moving up and physically unlocking so we’re just looking for a little bit of extra storage that all you need. Auto up and down is great. I would let you go but I got paperwork.

We’re gonna take a look at what I’m sure is this mint CarProof. No damage records, no lean records,  Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history.  So we’re not really doing import I lied. No information available as far as recalls go. It is a pin.  It’s not going to be here for long, somebody out there who likes to ball mad hard is gonna come pick this thing up.

Email me travis@redwaterdodge.com, give me a jingle at 780-942-3629 you can ask for

me and refer to me in any one of the AKAs previously mentioned. If you don’t like me for some reason You can deal with anybody else by emailing sales@redwaterdodge.com. Or asking for anybody else we’re all nice and it’ll be great. El Chapo Out.

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