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Redwater Dodge offers a wide range of pre-owned vehicles, including models from other manufacturers. The 2013 Ford Focus is one such model which is fully-loaded with numerous amenities designed to make your life easier.

The white 2013 Ford Focus is sleek and stylish with front and rear sensors to make driving safer and parking easier. Fog lights enhance your viewing in this four-door sedan, while keyless entry makes getting inside quick and simple. Remote start adds convenience while the defrosting mirrors ensure you’re on your way without a lot of work.

Full leather interior offers sophistication in the 2013 Ford Focus. Open up the sunroof to let fresh air inside and enjoy the fully automatic car with power doors and windows, power locks and even power seats. Stay in touch and informed with Bluetooth and SYNC with the touchscreen display.

Enjoy optimal efficiency with the 2.0L engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. With just over 42,000 km, you’re getting a great deal. Stop in Redwater Dodge to take the 2013 Ford Focus for a test drive.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Matt here from Redwater Dodge. I’m going to talk to you today about a Ford Focus we have on the lot. The Ford Focus, outside of the Dodge line, is one of my favourite vehicles you can get, especially in the Ford line. My first car was actually a Focus, mine was a 2000 covered in rust, but it got me from A to B for a very long time, so maybe I’ve got a soft spot for them, maybe I don’t. This one here though, this one here is the 2013 model year, and it’s way nicer than the Focus I remember. If you take a look up front, you can see it’s got multi-sensors. These sensors, of course, keep you from driving into things you don’t want to be driving into. Basically, anything. You want to keep it on the road. You don’t want to run into curbs, you don’t want to run into other cars. This is definitely going to help you with that. You got fog lights, you’ve got signals, you’ve got everything you’re going to want up front, including the bug deflector. Being a sedan, it’s definitely smaller compared. Compared to what? Compared to a bigger sedan, compared to a truck. But it’s going to get you to exactly where you need to go and it’s going to do it nicely.

So this Focus here, it does have the keyless entry, You put your thumb here, as long as you have the fob handy, it’s going to open up for you, Before we actually go inside, it does have a remote start, it’s got a trunk release mechanism, it’s got an alarm horn. You do also have the defrost on the rear view mirrors there, so you’re not going to have to worry about those icing up on you in the winter. Also something my old Focus did not have. You take a look at the inside. I’m not going to climb in there with you, but you can see very quickly that this is not a lightly loaded Focus. Full leather interior, you’ve got a sunroof up high, you’ve got your Bluetooth controls, you’ve got a touchscreen display in the middle there so this one’s going to have the…I can’t remember what the name of it is…this is highly unprofessional of me. SYNC as opposed to the Uconnect. Thank you Gerry, I don’t know why I blanked there. Gerry’s right behind me, you can’t see him because he’s holding the camera for me, but he’s a hell of a guy doing a hell of a job. Otherwise, on the inside here, it’s a full automatic, power doors, power windows, power locks, power seats, too. Really you’re not going to want for anything in this Focus, except for maybe a Dodge, but you know, that’s just my opinion. Back seat’s more of the same. Full leather, it’s the back seat of a car, what do you want? Well, what you want, I really can’t show you in this, but that’s beside the point. Otherwise, you get a nice amount of trunk space in this thing here. You see you’ve got the rear sensors carries on to the back of the vehicle, so you’re not going to back into anything. Look how close of a park job I did on this between the two cars. Did not even worry about hitting it because of the rear sensors and the backup camera. This is a fantastic unit. I highly recommend you come down and take it for a spin. I can talk to you about it on the video all day long and you’re going to say, “hey, this is just another commercial.” But seriously, come down and take this thing for a spin. You won’t be disappointed. I mean, you’re not going to be in a Dodge, but the next best thing, I suppose. Give us a call at 780-942-3629 or you can email me directly at matthias@redwaterdodge.com.

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