2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab

By July 19, 2013Used Inventory


AMAZING! That’s the only way I can describe this 2 month old Ram 1500 “Sport” model Crew Cab 1500. With about 4,000 km’s on this truck and as nice as it was when it left the showroom. It is truly “as good as new”, except better with a price of under $40,000!

Bought brand new only 2 months ago and with an original M.S.R.P of over $57,000 the original owner from Three Hills Alberta had full intentions on keeping this truck as his personal vehicle and running his other truck, which the legendary Dodge Cummins Diesel, to pull his trailer.

Sometimes though, even the best laid plans can mean an unexpected detour. The great news for you is that his little detour, could have this truck in your driveway! There is not an option missing here and frankly the only thing I can see that’s missing is your butt in the front seat!

Looking for a fantastic opportunity to save on a “good as new” Ram 1500? Well, start by taking a look, then get on the phone or get your butt in here!

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