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2013 Ram 1500 Laramie 2

2013 Ram 1500 Laramie

The 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie is one of the most acclaimed trucks ever created, hands down.  It has won more awards than some of the most famous Hollywood actors, with 5 awards from the biggest names in the automotive industry.

 Let’s go down the list, shall we?

  1. 2013 North American Truck of the Year
  2. 2013 Rocky Mountain Truck of the Year
  3. 2013’s Truck of Texas
  4. Ruedas ESPN’s 2013 Truck of the Year
  5. 2013 Motor Trends Truck of the Year

 And if that’s not impressive enough, in the following year of 2014, the Ram 1500 managed to steal the show by being the only truck ever to win the Motor Trend Truck of the Year™ award in back-to-back years.

 Now if knowing all of that is still not enough to convert you, allow me to mention a few “tweaks” that were made to keep Ram at the top of its class. A while back there were issues raised regarding the Ram’s transmission shifting as being very rough, it brought upon the popular nickname of the “Mechanical Bull”. However, in 2013 Ram introduced a new kind of transmission unlike any other.  Yes, I am talking about the renowned  8-speed ZF 8HP Transmission.  Most, if not all, other trucks are equipped with 6 or 5-speed transmissions. The reason why Ram engineers decided to make such a bold move was simple; how do we improve fuel economy without sacrificing power? Add more gears! Not only did they add 2 gears but they completely re-engineered the whole transmission in order to make it the smoothest shifting transmission in any half-ton truck on the market, not to mention the transmission in the 2013 Ram 1500 is capable of handling up to 550 lb-ft of torque.

 If all this still does not impress you, then you should know that all BMW M-series cars use ZF 8 speed Transmissions. Yes, Ram shares almost identical transmission with BMW’s racing group. These transmissions are able to shift 0.2 seconds faster than the quickest human shifter. Talk about an upgrade.  But not only does it improve fuel economy and give smooth shifting patterns, it also creates much better RPM control which actually increases your engines lifespan.  Instead of being revved out to 6000 RPM it will have shorter shifts around 5500 RPM with no power loss whatsoever.

Speaking of power, Ram trucks come equipped with the most recognized engine in the world. Its 5.7L HEMI (345 cubic inch) small block produces an astonishing 390 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque, not to mention its impressive 24 mpg. How this power/economy non-compromise works is by the engine being powered by two systems: MDS and VVT. MDS stands for Multi-Displacement System, this system is a computer that determines when you no longer need all 8 cylinders for power, then cuts off 4 of the 8 to increase fuel mileage. This is mainly in use when traveling at highway speeds (when power is not needed). VVT stands for Variable Valve Timing, this computer system determines when to precisely open and close the valves to increase not only fuel efficiency but also power.

Now to the suspension, yes, we’ve all heard it before: “those Rams ride rougher than a horse on stilts”. Okay maybe not all of us, but you get the picture.  In 2009, Ram upgraded their suspension to an independent coil suspension.  Doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade does it? Please allow me to explain further.  Leaf springs have been around longer than most of our parents, their rough and tough… and I don’t mean that in a good way. Contrast coils which are tight yet loose feeling when responding to unsmooth terrain; perfect for taking corners and skipping over pot holes or bumps in the road. I’m sure we are all used to roads like these here in Alberta.  When tested against the Ford’s and GM’s, Ram blew the competition away, little to no body roll and no box swinging.  All-in-all Ram is the King of the smooth ride.

 It’s what’s on the inside that counts right?  Not only do the 2013 Rams have a bold yet sleek design on the outside.  But its interior should command just as much attention. An 8.4” touchscreen, which is the largest screen in its class, is powered by its U connect system which is recognized as the best touchscreen software in the industry today. Real wood grain inserts, and when I say real I mean it. When you touch the inserts you can actually feel the natural grooves, not just some plastic coating.  An on-screen dash that makes all maintenance questions a breeze. Heated seats to keep you nice and warm and cooled seats to prevent you from sticking from the seats when its too hot, we have all been there. And my favorite, the heated steering wheel. As far as luxury goes, it doesn’t really get any better than that.  Oh wait! It does, with a 9-speaker Alpine Sound System, this sound system is like bringing your home theatre system with you everywhere you go.

The truth is, Ram trucks have come a very long way.  From the new kid on the block to the veteran that puts competition on notice.  A true underdog story. If you’re curious about our 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie and want to see first hand what all the hype is about then come out and test drive it! Because a wise man once told me, “You can talk about doing something a million times, but it will never be as good as living it once” – Wise Man

 So why not, book a no commitment test drive online today at Redwater Dodge.

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