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What’s up Internet, Travis here at Redwater Dodge; Facebook’s favourite  Salesperson aka the Neo of Social Media Marketing.I don’t have any antics, no suckers, no coffees, no weird coloured sweaters, and no funny jargon for you today because I noticed the rest of Facebook / Internetland trip copy my swag. So now I’m going to just be super fresh mouthed and handsome and rely on my natural abilities to sell you this Journey. I took this one in on trade myself. It’s a 2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package. Very, very, very, very aggressive price point getting into this Journey.

It’s bright white in colour. There’s a couple of very small rock chips, we are a full disclosure store not gonna hide them from you. I’m not going to drag you out here for you to see them and ask you why didn’t mention them…so I’m mentioning them. Lexan coated headlights, you’re not going to have to  worry about them chipping, cracking, breaking, imploding, exploding, or anything along those lines. We’ve got your from factory Dodge bug deflector. Beautiful smoked out colour.  Look at that, that’s a mint windshield, very rare for Alberta. We’re looking at a solid GoodYear all-terrain tire, that’s not a hubcap, that’s not covering anything like that. That’s a solid Journey rim. This Journey had your matte black mirrors here, we’ve got the keyless entry, we’ve also got proximity entry. Although it is the Canada Value Package it does boast a couple really wicked options.  With the proximity entry as long as you have the key fob on you I don’t have to push any of these buttons, I don’t even have to be touched this it could be in my pocket. Now it’s locked, so i could either use my keyless entry to get in or I could go ahead and use the sensor.

Premium cloth interior, barely above 75,000 kilometers, automatic transmission, air conditioning, nice little touchscreen, push button start (which is pretty rare in a CVP), cruise control and ample storage space. It is a Dodge Journey so you do have a ton of room in the back. You’ve also got some in-floor storage space down here. Underneath your floor mats, the interiors are removable as well. So if anything were to explode or spill anything in there, take it out, spray it with a garden hose. Cup holders in the back of the headrest or just to separate your kids if they don’t get along. I hope your kids get along but if they don’t, I got you covered.


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

Ok, we have a ton of storage space in the rear. A ton of storage space. This actually flips up. Your jack and things of that nature right there. I took this one in on trade guys, we sold it to them originally, they traded back in for an upgrade. This was the wife’s vehicle we also did business with the husband. People keep coming back here. It must be because they like us. Our deals are unreal and we have super original, non-generic sales guys who do amazing videos on the internet.  

If you have any questions while you’re browsing on any one of our web properties take advantage of the live chat feature. The live chat feature puts you directly in contact with myself or

another one of the salespeople here on the team.  For a very prompt and direct response feel free to call us 780-942- 3629. Stop everything you’re doing right now if you’re watching the video and you want to buy the Journey from me or any vehicle from me personally, because you see my video ask for me. Otherwise I might not end up dealing with you on the only with somebody else. I’m not going to have a bad experience because I probably have a

good experience could be a great people here but I want to sell you a vehicle too. So to make that easier email me personally travis@redwaterdodge.com. Now if you’re one of those people who don’t like me, because you don’t find me funny. Email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Somebody else will be be more than happy to take care of you. Thanks for watching guys, really appreciated.

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