2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman | Quad Cab | Edmonton, AB

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2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman | Quad Cab | Edmonton, AB

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Check out the 2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman for a quality pre-owned truck from Redwater Dodge. This Quad Cab truck includes four-wheel drive and a powerful HEMI engine. Seating for five ensures you can make this a family or work truck for all of your needs.

Two-tone paint on the 2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman adds a classy touch along with aftermarket rims and tires that are in good shape. The Outdoorsman Package includes features such as tow hooks and skid plates for your truck. Fog lamps and chrome bumpers enhance the image of this Ram 1500.

Inside, you have all of the features you expect in a truck with power windows and locks, keyless entry and a centre console that everyone seems to appreciate. Store more cargo with the fold up rear seats and flat-load floor. Air conditioning and tilt steering wheel add convenience to your drives while storage pockets throughout the cab provides ample organization.

Powered by the HEMI engine, you have exceptional horsepower without being a gas guzzler. The multi-displacement system ensures you have the extra power only when you need it. Paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, you experience smooth handling and control. A full tow package includes four- and seven-pin wiring for a truck that’s ready to work.

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2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman Engine:

  • 5.7L HEMI: 390 horsepower

Feel secure as you drive the 2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman with the ABS brakes, traction control and electronic stability. With just under 145,000 km and a clean CarProof report, this truck is worth a look. Stop by Redwater Dodge to see this model or any of our other pre-owned Ram trucks.

Video Transcript

Good afternoon, my name is Gerry Varadi. I’m standing in front of Redwater Dodge located in Redwater, half an hour northeast of Edmonton. I’m going to show you a truck we just got in on trade, a 2012 Ram 1500. This is a Quad Cab four-wheel drive truck.

Under the hood, we’ve got the HEMI and I’m going to pop the hood so you can have a look under there. As many of you already know, HEMI has been around a long, long time. Pushing about 90 horsepower.

In the time that the HEMI has been around, Chrysler and Dodge have put a ton of research into that engine. While it used to have a bit of a reputation as a gas burner, that’s certainly not the case anymore.

Some of the tweaks they’ve done is something called MDS, multi-displacement system. What that means is that when you set your cruise at a 100km on the highway, it will drop down to four cylinders. When you don’t need the 290 horse that it’s capable of producing, it will drop down to four cylinders, saving you a dramatic amount of fuel.

This truck’s got the Outdoorsman Package, which includes the typical outdoorsman type stuff like tow hooks, skid plates underneath. Some aftermarket class rims really set off the truck. Tires are in great shape.

Truck has got remote start, great feature for this time of year in Alberta. Keyless entry, power windows and locks. It’s got the centre console shift, which I know to be quite popular. It’s got a very sporty look and feel to it.

That shifter’s capable of what they call the slap-manual shift. You slap it back and forth for gearing up and down. This truck has  just under 145,000 km on it. It is in very good condition.

There are some points of wear, for example, on the seat. You’ll see it’s a little bit worn there. An easy fix. The body of the truck is in great shape. There’s a couple of small blemishes, but overall, for the kilometres on it, it’s in really nice condition.

It’s a Quad Cab. So, there’s a Quad Cab and a Crew Cab from Ram. The Crew Cab’s got larger back doors and a larger seat, but you’ll see in the Quad Cab that there is plenty of room for youngsters. Seats fold up on both sides of course, and there’s a fold out flat floor, so if you’ve got a dog crate or a toolbox or something like that, you can slide it in there and it will fit fine.

Around the back of the truck, full tow package, seven- and four-pin wiring. These are some of the small blemishes I’m talking about, the small dent in the tailgate, but overall you’ll see this truck still shows quite well. Two-tone paint. We’ll go around to the other side of the truck so I can show you some of the documentation on this truck.

I’ll maybe start with the CarProof. Not a lot to see on this truck. No damage records, no estimates. The truck was never registered outside of Alberta. In fact, looking at the report, because of the privacy act, it’s impossible to tell you for certain, but looking at where it was registered and where it was renewed, it looks to be a one-owner vehicle.

Let me move on to the vehicle inspection. There’s the inspection. You’ll notice check marks all along. All of our inspections look essentially the same because if it isn’t willing to pass, then we’ll do what it takes to get them to pass. If we can’t do that, then we don’t sell them. They end up on a dirt lot somewhere else.

What we had to do to the truck to get it to pass to our inspection standards, there’s two work orders, two repair orders. The first one is very simple, it’s the inspection and oil change, oil and filter.

On the next one, there are a few more details worth noting. There was a problem with the license plate bulbs, so they fixed that up. We did a four-wheel alignment on the truck, did the rear brake pads, clean up the caliper pins.

On to the next page, one got away from me, but it’s not that windy, so I’ll be able to retrieve that later. We replaced the driver’s wheel well. There was a leak in the exhaust manifold gasket, that’s been replaced. And on this page, you’re going to see a leaking water pump. We replaced the water pump, tested and no leaks anymore obviously. Replaced the driver side door hinges. It doesn’t say why, but they needed to be replaced so we did that and painted it to match.

And on the back, we replaced the rear tailgate spoiler. That’s the piece of plastic on the top of the tailgate. I assume it had a cut or something in it, so we replaced it. That pretty much sums up all of the paperwork.

Like I say, the truck’s in very good condition. If you simply have questions, you can reach me, Gerry, at 780-942-3629. You’re welcome to email me directly at gerry@redwaterdodge.com. Better yet, stop down and ask for Gerry. I’ll show you the truck and you can take it for a test drive. Thanks, folks.

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