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Enjoy a day out in the sun with the 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. This model features doors and a roof that can easily be removed to allow you to spend more time in nature even while you’re driving. The doors are straightforward to remove. Jeep provides a tool kit with their products, and they are all you need to remove and replace your doors and roof.

All it takes is a few minutes once you loosen the bolts on the door. Lift it up and away and you’re ready for action. You can also remove the two panels on the roof. This task is a one-person job and allows you to enjoy the fresh air while you drive. To remove the entire roof, it’s a good idea to have a friend help because it’s rather heavy. Once you have the hardtop removed, you can replace it with the soft top cover.

To see the 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited in person, stop by Redwater Dodge. Take the Jeep for a test drive or have the staff show you how to remove the doors and roof for your first try. Have more fun in the sun with the pre-owned or new Jeep model of your choice.

2012 Jeep Rubicon UnlimitedView Photos and Pricing ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Video Transcript

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill from Redwater Dodge. On yesterday’s episode, we featured the 2012 Jeep Rubicon. We went through it and described all of the features about it. I got so much response from my fans out there. They asked me, “Hey, Bill, how hard is it to take the doors off?” And, “Hey, Bill, how hard is it to take the roof off?” I thought I’d do a follow-up video to show you what you’re getting yourselves into. Come over here. Jeep gives you one of these very wonderful tool kits when you buy it. It’s going to come with a socket set. It’s going to give you all of the tools you’re going to need to take the doors and the roof off. Very handy, very useful. Thanks, Jeep, for providing these for us. Simply push this in here. I’ve already gone ahead and loosened everything up in here. This fits nicely inside here and makes it come loose. Boom, boom. You take these two off. You open up the door here. Inside you’re going to find this very nice black strap. It’s going to be connected up under here. Here’s this red bolt here. Simply slide that down and it will pull it apart. Lift it up and over this hook here, and your door will now swing freely. I’ve gone ahead and disconnected the power door locks and the power windows, so now it’s just simply lifting it up. And away we go.

Now, as far as the roof is concerned, come to the back here. You’re going to notice these two little screws here in the top of your roof. You simply twist these now and they will come out very easily here. Now, you have inside in the front, you have all of these different knobs. If you just simply twist them over on all sides here, release these front clips. Now you have the driver’s side already off. One person can easily do this. We’re just going to set this off to the side here. And again, the same on the other side. Just remove all of the clips. I’m going to the other side to make it nice and easy here. One person can do this. If you’re going to do the full top, I recommend getting a friend. The rest of the top is quite heavy, but just to do this, is quite easy for one person to do by themselves. And that’s it.

Now to take off the rest of the top, you’re going to have another bolt right here on this side and another one on the passenger side. On the back here, you’re also going to have three more bolts just alike. Those come out just the same as what we did here. Open this up. You’re going to need to disconnect your rear washer fluid. Again, the same purpose. Pull this back and simply pull down and it will easily release. It will allow you to put on the soft top here that’s never been used. Again, a great, fun four-door convertible vehicle. Easy to do and lots of fun. I highly recommend it if you’re into any kind of mud sports or if you just like to enjoy the sun. Come on down and take it for a test travel. I’ll even take it apart for you. If you have any questions, call Bill at Redwater Dodge 780-996-2276 or bill@redwaterdodge.com. Thank you.

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