2011 RAM 2500 SLT | MEGA CAB HEMI | Edmonton, AB

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2011 RAM 2500 SLT | MEGA CAB HEMI | Edmonton, AB

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Get a great deal on a pre-owned truck from Redwater Dodge like the 2011 Ram 2500 SLT. Featuring a powerful 5.7L HEMI engine and automatic transmission, you can always get where you need to go.

Dark blue highlights the exterior of the 2011 Ram 2500 SLT. Large headlights and fog lamps brighten your way while front tow hooks provide added functionality. Trailer tow mirrors enable you to see behind your load while the spray-in box liner protects your truck when you’re hauling cargo.

Inside the 2011 Ram 2500 SLT you enjoy plenty of room with the Mega Cab and seating for six. Air conditioning keeps you cool on hot summer days while the power rear window allows more natural air to come in. Remote keyless entry offers added convenience. This truck also features a radio and CD player.

A clean CarProof report means no collisions or insurance claims. You can also rest assured you have a quality truck, which passed its AMVIC inspection. New tires allow you to be ready to roll down the road. Stop in to Redwater Dodge and take the 2011 Ram 2500 SLT for a spin.

2011 RAM 2500

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Matt here from Redwater Dodge, coming to you from our Express oil change bay, mainly because it’s windy outside. It’s ridiculous, you’d never hear me over the mike. So, what I’ve got with me here is a 2011 Ram 2500. It’s recently come in on trade. It’s got the chrome up front and it is the blue colour. It’s a little bit darker than our current Blue Streak. Now, the first thing I will point out to you is there are a few rock chips along the way. It is a used unit, of course; that’s going to happen up and down gravel roads out here. Vehicle has been fully AMVIC inspected, and we’ll definitely go over all of that later.

Nice big headlights up front, going to keep your visibility where you need it to be, driving at night. Fog lights, tow hooks, the chrome grille. Swing around to the side, and you’ll see this one does have the HEMI 5.7L, very popular engine for us. Trailer tow mirrors, not going to have any problems seeing what’s going on behind you. You see the tires on this, plenty of tread, nice heavy-duty mud flaps.

So, right off the gun, we do have the visors going off the window there and I probably should have pointed out the bug flaps up front. You probably already saw it, you heard me snap it there. We are on the inside of the vehicle, this one is the Mega Cab, so you’ll find you have all kinds of room in the back seat. If you want to take a quick peek in there, you can see all of that. We are running with the fabric here, of course.

All right, on to the box. It does have a spray-in box liner. Plenty of room to carry all of that cargo if you have a truck to carry. Ram logo there on the back. Again, you do have a couple of rock chips. Nothing that’s going to affect the functionality of the vehicle. And it does have the tow package, which is wired and ready to go. All right. What I’m going to get you to do is hop in on the passenger side.

This one is clocking in at 167,000 km. You do have the dimming mirror, power rear window there. If the vehicle was running. You’ve got your radio, your CD player, audio controls, band, heat, air conditioning, which is nice. Front and rear defrost. Obviously important now that we are in the plus three degree winter months. Supposed to be winter, anyway. Glove boxes, not one but two. And of course, if you do happen to have extra people you’re carrying around in the truck, you do have bench seating. A little bit of extra storage in that bench seating. Coins, sandwiches, I don’t know what you’re going to throw in there. Whatever you will, you will.

So, vehicle file. Not so much of a new thing we’re doing anymore, so much as the thing we’re doing. Oh, I should also point out this thing does come with remote start built in.

So, anyway. CarProof acknowledgment. So when you come down and buy this thing, you’re going to sign off on this CarProof. What are you going to be signing off on? You’re going to be signing off this thing has no damage records, that it has been registered in Alberta, never declared stolen, no US history and no info on recalls.

You can see all of the places where the vehicle has been registered, you can see all of the non-accidents I told you about, all of the non-liens. Says one for Alberta, just because this is the initial CarProof we print off when the vehicle is brought in. And everything is good on that page. Never abandoned, no accidents, all of that other good stuff. You can also access this vehicle’s CarProof report directly from the vehicle page on our website. There’s a big button that says CarProof, if you click on that, it’ll open the CarProof.

All right. So, the other document, of course, all of our repair info. This is what I’m looking for, I’m sorry, guys. So, this is the mechanical fitness assessment. It basically outlines everything we have to check on the truck to make sure it is safe before we can legally sell it to anyone.

So, what you’re looking at here, powertrain, lamps, instruments, brakes, steering suspension, frame and body, tires and electrical. All of that good stuff, check marks all the way. Unless of course, it doesn’t have it, then it was non-applicable. And this was what was done to get it there.

Inspection, oil change, electrical –minor. It took one hour to repair. Used car clean, we’re not going to sell you a dirty car. There’s that electrical – minor. Trim. So, they removed some of the rear suspension airbags. Swing around to the next page. Suspension, rear axle, exhaust, engine – minor, front axle, struts and shocks. Four-wheel alignment, wheels and tires, so that’s why the tread was so nice.

You got four new tires installed. And last but not least, the overall total. So at the end of the day, we put $3901 of work in this truck that you’re totally not going to have to worry about because our Ram truck has been repaired in our Ram certified facility. Ready for you to take off the lot.

If you have any other questions about this truck, if you want to take it for a test drive, you know the drill. You can call us at 780-942-3629. You can email me directly. My email is matthias@redwaterdodge.com. Yeah, give us a call, take this for a spin if you want to. Probably won’t last for too, too long here. 2500, cheap. Thanks, guys.

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