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This pre-owned 2011 Ram 1500 SLT is ideal for anyone looking for a solid truck without buying brand new. The service staff at Redwater Dodge put in enough work so you don’t have to. With new tires and a new windshield as well as a few mechanical repairs, you can feel confident no matter where you’re going.

Seating for six gives you ample space in the Crew Cab of the 2011 Ram 1500 SLT. Power windows and doors, air conditioning, a cloth interior and storage give you what you need for everyday driving. Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player keep you in touch and entertained on long drives.

An SLT trim offers unique styling with the chrome bumper and special badging. New tires will take you the distance while a spray-in box liner helps protect your truck from dents and dings. Notice the 4×4 badge on the 2011 Ram 1500 SLT showcases the truck’s capability. Power heated mirrors and tow hooks demonstrate the functionality of this model. Automatic headlights brighten the way.

Under the hood lies unparalleled power with the 5.7L HEMI engine. Paired with an automatic transmission, you can get where you need to go. Independent suspension provides a smoother ride while the anti-roll bars offer added stability.

With a clean CarProof report and a full inspection, the 2011 Ram 1500 SLT is ready to go to a new home. Stop by Redwater Dodge and take it for a test spin. A truck this good won’t last long.

2011 Ram 1500 SLT

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Video Transcript

Hey, folks, Matt here from Redwater Dodge, coming to you from our Express bay. You can use this bay for oil changes. You don’t have to wait in line, you just show up. Nobody else is getting an oil change there, and it’s free right now. But I’m not here to hype the oil bay. I’m here to hype the 2011 Ram 1500 SLT we’ve got here on trade. With the SLT here, you can see the chrome up front with the tow hooks. You can see no chips, no dents, no dings. The thing’s in pretty good condition.

Swing in around to the side. These are brand new tires we’ve put on it. So, you’re not going to need to worry about swapping out tires for a while. HEMI badge, so you know it’s got the 5.7L HEMI engine in there. Ram 1500 in case you didn’t believe me when I told you it was.

This thing’s got the power mirrors, so you can control all of that good stuff from the button inside the door. You can also see this little symbol here. I don’t know if the camera’s going to come around and show you or not. It’s a little hard to see with the reflection, but it does have the…what’s the word I’m looking for, the defrost built in to it. So, you’re not going to be out here trying to scrape the ice off from the mirrors.

It is the full-sized back seat, and that’s called a Crew Cab on the Ram. We’ll take a quick look on the inside. Normally, I save this for later. Lot’s of room, cloth seats in great condition. Pull it right up, storage compartment underneath. Or you can fold that down if you want to throw whatever you have down on there. You do have the storage compartments on the floor, stashed away under these mats. You can put pretty much whatever you want in there. These come out so you can rinse them, no problem. You can throw your drinks, toys, organs. Whatever you might want to hide goes in there, cleans out no problem.

You can see that the box does have a spray-in box liner in it. It’s a Line-X box liner, you can pretty much tell, because, well, there you go. So, it does have the…if you’re going to throw stuff back there, you don’t have to worry about it dinging up your box. That’s what the liner is for.

Ram badge on the back. The box does indeed open. No surprises. 4×4 badge, so you know it does indeed have the 4×4. And an SLT badge back here, so you know I’m not lying to you. It does have the tow package in there, so it’s ready to pull whatever you need it to. Wiring and all of that good stuff. Tail lights, very important.

If you want to hop into the passenger seat, we’ll go over some things here. All right, the odometer over here is reading 128,967. Relatively low kilometres for a 2011, that’s for sure. When you come to pick this up, it might be one or two kilometres higher because it was moved out front, or it might not even be here because it’s such a great truck. What else can I tell you?

Mirrors up high, Bluetooth, CD player, radio, volume, tune, traction control. Four-wheel drive all controlled in the knob here. Your vents, it does have air conditioning, which is grand. Defrost options. Don’t have to worry about the ice building up on your windshield. This switch here is going to control your back window. What else can I tell you in short?

Why don’t we take a look at the vehicle’s file. So, when you come down here to buy this, you’re going to see this page here where we’re going to get you to sign off that you did see the CarProof. This is the CarProof. There’s a little symbol up here that shows this vehicle is accident-free. No damage records, no lien records. Registered in Alberta. Never stolen, no US history and no information available on recalls. As you can see, this vehicle spent most of its short life in Lloydminster. Nothing really worth touching on here other than the fact that there’s nothing worth touching on. Sometimes, no news is good news. All that good stuff. This here is the mechanical fitness assessment, the report card of the vehicle. I call it that all of the time; it’s starting to sound cheesy when I say it. Hopefully, for the next video, I’ll have something else to say. What we do here is make sure every component on the vehicle is satisfactory. If it’s not satisfactory, the technician will comment on it down here on what exactly needs to be switched out to make it work. At the end of the day, all of these things have to be check-marked or we cannot sell it to you unless you sign off and say you bought a broken vehicle. This is where the tech signs and all of that good stuff.

Now, here is the actual work report for the vehicle. So, it shows they performed the inspection. This is a little story about what they did there. Oil change, used car clean. Over here, it says sublet glass. That’s where we replaced the windshield. That was harder to say than it should have been. Front dip leak, they replaced all of that. Transmission – replaced the rear output seal on the t-case. All of that good stuff. All of that you won’t have to do on your own time now.

Swing over here. They did a little bit of work here. Running boards obviously needed to be removed because they looked bad and were peeling. Make sure the vehicle is nice when you get it. We mounted and balanced four new tires. All in all, we spent $2267.89 making sure this vehicle was ready for you, so you wouldn’t get a surprise bill for $2267.89 down the road. Now, I’m about to call this video quits. There is one thing I did forget to mention and I don’t know how I passed up that. Centre console seat, so that’s pretty much that, guys. If you want to come down here and take this for a test drive, give us a call, 780-942-3629. Again, my name is Matt, and you can email me at matthias@redwaterdodge.com. But really, come on down and take this thing for a drive. You’re going to love it. Thanks, guys. Bye.

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