2011 Ford Escape | XLT Trim | Edmonton, AB

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2011 Ford Escape | XLT Trim | Edmonton, AB

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Social media of all shapes, forms, and sizes! Travis here at Redwater Dodge. We are coming to you live today from our compound, which I’m sure you’ve probably never seen because I never do videos back here, and I mean let’s be real. Who watches videos other than mine?

Got a 2011 Ford Escape XLT parked behind me at one of our most recent trade-ins guys. Brilliant, black paint, it’s got next to new rubber on it. Fog lamps on the front for those dirty Berta winters. There is a small ding or two, keep in mind the vehicle’s five years old now. There’s a ding here in the front. It does come fully equipped with keyless entry which is a great feature. I mentioned the rubber is next to new. Get right down there and take a peek. It may actually be brand-brand new. It looks to be brand new.  It’s got the key code here, but you do have the keyless entry.

Pop a squat in your power driver seat. All the stylings of a spaceship with the SYNC system. SYNC is powered by Microsoft. And you have the hands-free Bluetooth. 153,000 kilometres in this 2011, very low kilometres for the year. This 2011 Ford Escape XLT is one of the most aggressively priced SUVS on the market now. Visit our website to find out more pricing: www.redwaterram.com.

You have a centre console here with interchangeable parts for fun. This 2011 Ford Escape XLT comes with an automatic transmission, obviously. I love the body style of the older Escapes; I feel like there is plenty of room back here. Cup holders back here for your backseat guests. Neat little feature on the key fob here. Pop open your back window for any easy loading if you’re carrying something that’s not overly heavy that you have no problem getting over the actual lift gate. But it’s a little bit awkward to get down and try to open up the actual hatch. Hit the button there twice. Boom! You’re in business.

Plenty of storage space in here guys without even folding the seats down. You’ll notice you do have quite a good amount of room back here and it’s as easy a flipping a switch. Throwing her down. Your jack and all your spare tire accessories are actually going to be under here. Beautiful mat. We’ll take a look at the CarProof here while we have you guys. 2011 Escape XLT, that’s the VIN associated with the vehicle. Sport Utility Vehicle. Four cylinder gas job, no damage records found. No lien records. Alberta registration, never been stolen. No US history and no recall information available.

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This 2011 Ford Escaper XLT is a pin guys and it is not going to last long. I need to come up with a new word for track for it’s not going to last long, but I feel like every time I say it, I mean it.  It really isn’t going to be here long guys, especially approaching winter. Some student or somebody looking to downsize their payments or something like that is going to come in and scoop it up in a real hurry. Tons of storage space, 153K, As I mentioned before it’s probably one of the most aggressively priced SUVs I’ve seen. Visit our website for more information. www.redwaterram.com. Please take advantage of the live chat feature we have on there. Live chat is actually the sales representative in the store answering you back.

We care about our inventory. We care about helping you guys out. We’re not just some middle-aged people in a basement somewhere working for minimum wage and we don’t really care about getting you the actual information you need. We care because you’re our customers and it’s important that we get the information you need and not retaining long-term. Aside from that guys, feel free to email us: sales@redwaterdodge.com. Give us a call on the phone 780-429-3629. Please use the live chat feature. Please come buy this Ford Escape before somebody else does. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again.

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