2010 Dodge Grand Caravan | SE Trim | Redwater, AB

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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan | SE Trim | Redwater, AB

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Fit your family in this 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE from Redwater Dodge. With 112,000 km and ample space, you have a versatile vehicle to fit your active lifestyle.

A silver colour body creates a clean appearance on this 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. Inside, you enjoy comfort and convenience with Stow ‘n Go storage where the seats fold down into the floor for more room. Rear seat passengers will appreciate the DVD entertainment system while the touchscreen provides information for the driver. Rely on the backup camera to help you see how to move in and out of parking spaces while the remote keyless entry provides fast access.

Enjoy ample power with the 3.3L V6 engine in the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. A block heater keeps your vehicle ready to go on those cold Alberta winter mornings.

Travel in style and room with the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE from Redwater Dodge. A clean CarProof and AMVIC inspection provide additional peace of mind for when you’re out on the road. Stop in and check it out today.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Tyler here from Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 oil change. What I’m going to show you today. We’ve got a lovely 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE behind me. A couple of things to point out, it’s got the bug deflector on the front there.

I’m going to open it up so you can see the inside, take a look at the engine. This one has the 3.3L V6. Enough horsepower to get you to the rink in the wintertime. Walk around to the side. One thing to take a look at because it was a pre-owned vehicle, it does have some wear on the tires because it was pre-owned, but they are 80 percent. The lovely Firestone tire.

Let’s slide around to the side and I’ll show you a few of the features on the inside. We have 112,000 km on this, but some cool features. Obviously, it’s got the touch screen, it’s got the paddles for the radio and whatnot on the side of the steering wheel. AC. All the fun stuff. There’s a DVD player in the back to keep the young people entertained. I’ll open the sliding side door. It does have the Stow ‘n Go feature and you’ll notice all of the chairs and seats are buried underneath which allows for a lot of room.

A lot of storage, so if you’re taking people to a hockey game or a soccer game or you have to load up some equipment, this vehicle will definitely do it for you.

We’ll slide around to the back. Again, Dodge Grand Caravan. Open up the back here and take a look at the inside. A lot of space. If you’re a sports team looking for a vehicle to haul stuff in, this vehicle will definitely do the trick.

One last thing to point out. We definitely have a backup camera, so no backing up into any poles or anything like that. You’ll definitely be able to see it.

We’re going to go through a couple of things here like we do with every pre-owned vehicle. First thing I’m going to show you is the CarProof and you can see there’s no damage records found. No lien records found. Registration is in Alberta, not declared stolen, no US history, one recall notice found. 8 records found.

Next thing we’re going to go through is what we call the AMVIC inspection. All of our pre-owned vehicles get this, so they meet the code for Alberta. As you can see, everything has been checked off and made sure it is ready to go for you. So feel free to give me a shout here at 780-942-3629. We’d love to have you come out to Redwater and take a look at it and take it for a test drive and see you drive away in your 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. See you soon.

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