2010 Dodge Challenger SXT | Redwater, AB

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2010 Dodge Challenger SXT | Redwater, AB

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Drive a modern-day classic at an affordable price when you see the 2010 Dodge Challenger SXT at Redwater Dodge. One of the latest pre-owned units, this model has just over 120,000 km on it.

Bold red body colour draws your attention while the Mopar Appearance Pack enhances the appearance with pinstriping. Big round headlamps light up the night while the traditional front end showcases the classic design of the 2010 Dodge Challenger.

Mopar’s solid five-spoke rim and BF Goodrich all-terrain tires are ready to roll while the plastic moulded flaps protect the rocker panels. Distinct taillights leave a lasting impression as you ride into the night.

Inside the 2010 Dodge Challenger SXT, you enjoy a sophisticated cabin with ribbed leather seating and power seats for the optimal position. Enhance your drive with air conditioning, cruise control and a tilt steering wheel. Room for five in this coupe ensures you never have to ride alone.

Feel the power under your hands with the 3.5L engine which offers up to 250 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Featuring a block heater to keep your engine warm on cold mornings and a five-speed automatic transmission, this rear-wheel drive is always ready for action.

Stop by Redwater Dodge today to see the 2010 Dodge Challenger SXT in person. Take it out for a spin and see how much fun it is to drive. If you’ve always wanted a fabulous classic sports car but have a limited budget, this pre-owned model may be the one for you.

2010 Dodge Challenger SXT View Photos and Pricing Button Finance This Vehicle

Video Transcript

Good afternoon, Internetland. This is Travis here at Redwater Dodge, coming to you from our Express Lane. We’re going to go over one of our newest pre-owned units. This is a 2010 Dodge Challenger, beautiful red colour. It’s got your Mopar Appearance Pack with the pinstriping or the racing stripes, whichever you prefer.

Big fishbowl headlamps there. The front end of the Challenger there, they try to keep a fairly classic look. You’ve got your little plastic skirt there in front. Fog lamps as well. Obviously, a very specific Challenger hood. Look at that rim. Mopar, five spoke. That is a solid rim. That’s not a hubcap or anything like that. BF Goodrich all-terrain tire. You’ve got your plastic-moulded flaps there to prevent any dings or rocks down there on your rocker panels. Painted to match mirrors. You’ve got a sick four-pack of balloons on this one here.

Beautiful. You notice the window going up and down here as soon as I pull the handle of the door, the window rolls down. Because what happens is this window actually rolls up to create a nice crisp secure lock in the cabin.

Take a look in the interior. Console shift, leather interior, I like how the leather is ribbed. It does have power seats. Just over a 120k, 120,391 km, still in incredible shape. Air conditioning, cruise control, tilted steering wheel, obviously. It is a coupe, but there is enough room to fit a couple of friends, dogs, flats of beer, whatever you like.

Come around to the back. You’ve got your unique taillight there, racing stripes continue in the back.

We’ll go over some paperwork we have. If you take a look at the CarProof, it does say damage records found. It’s got an Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history and no recall information. Now, left rear corner. What that could mean, is it’s an insurance estimate, an accident estimate.

So obviously, it was probably just some body work here, which is pretty expensive and the left front corner as well. Had a couple of different kilometers there for you. One’s at 43k and one’s at 45k. All of the information is there for you. Malicious mischief and vandalism as well, so unfortunately, these people were the victims of some mischief on their very nice vehicle.

We went through and we did the AMVIC inspection as well. All we really did was change the oil and clean it. By the time it came in, everything was repaired. They checked the battery, they removed the old battery and installed a new battery, cleaned the battery connections and that was all.

Now, I’ve got the AMVIC inspection here that has been signed off by one of our master techs. You’ll notice everything’s been marked off as compliant there. That inspection was done on the 6th of January. And the AMVIC inspection is good for 120 days, so you don’t have to worry about that running out before someone picks this thing up.

Anyway, guys, for more information on our used inventory, visit RedwaterDodge.com, stay up to date on what we keep bringing in on trades and what-not like that. All of our new inventory is on there as well. Visit our blog, askredwaterdodge.com and read the customer testimonials on there as well.

Visit our Facebook page, just Redwater Dodge, feel free to take a peek around, you can send us private messages and stuff on Facebook as well. Email us, call us down here at the store, 780-942-3629. Better yet, come down and take this thing for a drive. Thank you. See you again.

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