July 15, 2016  11:15AM MST – Update on Redwater Hail Storm.

We are happy to report that Redwater Dodge has partnered with the “Dent Clinic” to open a Dent Repair Facility right here in Redwater Alberta.

What does this mean for local people with Hail Damaged vehicles?

After you receive the damage claim from your insurance company all you have to do is drop by Redwater Dodge and we’ll look after the repairs.

Most dents can be removed without replacing panels, sanding, or filling. For those dents that have cracked paint, some minor body work will be required. We’ll look after this also.

Other than the fact that we are a locally owned and operated  business, why choose Redwater Dodge to repair Hail Damage Vehicles?

While your vehicle is in our shop being repaired we will:

  1. Provide you with a rental car (free of charge even if your insurance company won’t cover it)
  2. Do a complete complimentary vehicle detail (inside and out)
  3. Change the oil and filter, perform a 33 point mechanical inspection, and lube (all at no charge to you).

Complete the form below to learn more and setup an appointment:


Question: What’s the catch?  Why all the free stuff?

Answer: No Catch. Anyone caught in the Hail Storm who lives or works in the Redwater area qualifies.

I didn’t buy my vehicle at Redwater Dodge. Can I still get the free rental car, free detail, and free Oil Change?

Answer: Yes

I only use Synthetic oil in my vehicle. Is there any extra charge for that?

Answer: If you have your Hail Damage repaired at Redwater Dodge, there is no additional charge for synthetic oil. We pay.

How long will repairs take?

Answer: Usually 1-3 days, depending on the amount of damage.

I don’t have a claim from my insurance company yet. How do I get one?

Answer: Below are the FIVE Easy Steps you need to follow if your vehicle has Hail Damage.

Step 1
– Contact your Insurance Company to file a Hail Claim.

Step 2 – Find out where you are able to get your estimate. Depending on the insurance company policies, they will give you one of three options;

  • You will need to go to their approved estimating drive-in
  • They will send an appraiser to your home for an onsite estimate
  • They will give you your choice of where to get it estimated

Step 3 – Get your hail damage estimate.

  • If your insurance company has their own drive in estimating facility, you will need to take your vehicle there for your approved estimate.
  • If they give you the option of where you would like to have it estimated, you can take it to Redwater Dodge.

Step 4 – Decide where you are going to get your vehicle repaired.

  • Once you have your approved estimate, you may choose where you would like to get your vehicle repaired. The Insurance Company will likely encourage you to use their approved Paintless Dent Repair vendor; however it is your choice where you would like the repairs to be completed. (Ah… Redwater Dodge of Course)

Step 5 – Take Vehicle in for repairs to Redwater Dodge. 🙂

  • Ensure your vendor is using highly skilled staff, and has proper business licensing and permits.  (If you prefer to take your vehicle outside of Redwater, borrow a car from your brother, pick up your car after a few days without the complimentary oil change and complete detail, you certainly can do that too. Just Say’n)