Does Your Van Have That? – Our Dodge Grand Caravans Do!

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Come purchase a Dodge Grand Caravan at Redwater Dodge for 30% Off and get all of the things those other van drivers don’t get!

Or purchase a Rig Ready Ram from Rig Ready Pam…she’s ruthless but she can sell you a damn fine truck!

No matter your needs Redwater Dodge has the perfect vehicle.

Come talk to Shannon, Ben or Pam at THE Home of the $10 Oil Change – Redwater Dodge!

Sales Team
Redwater Dodge

Drive-Thru Bay | Where The $10 Oil Change Magic Happens

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Matt Brill does a walk-around of the Drive-Thru Bay where the $10 Oil Change magic happens.

These $10 Oil Changes happen all day long.

Book your $10 Oil Change here.

Another service desk has been added as well as another hoist to meet the demand.

This $10 Oil Change deal is only for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram models.

However, there is a special rate for off-make brands as well.

Call 780-942-3629 and speak with someone at the dealership.