Anyone who experienced it knows the storm that hit Redwater was the biggest  in recent memory.

Insurance companies are digging deep to cover losses expected to be in the millions in just this one small community.

Bad news for them. GREAT news for anyone looking to save thousands on a new or used  (slightly dented) Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram.

Click here for details of the sale and to find out what we have left.

Don’t wait, the inventory is clearing out fast. (Discounts as much as 50% off)


End of Summer Sale | Redwater Dodge | Edmonton, AB

by Sales Team on October 19, 2016

Good afternoon Internet! Travis here coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge in beautiful Redwater, Alberta. For the sole purpose of telling you about our last! Our final! The one, the only remaining summer clearance sale event.

Currently it is a beautiful, balmy 21 degrees in Redwater, Alberta and we are getting ready to clear out some of our inventory. We’ve marked down our new inventory. We’ve markdown our used inventory. We still have some of those hail damaged units available and I mean it is a beautiful summer day, why not give some cars away!

For more information guys, feel free to call us, 780 942 3629, send us off an email that’s Better yet, hop in your car, put the top down, windows down get the AC blowing and head on down to the store, Redwater Dodge, where we’ll pretend it’s not winter so you don’t have to!



Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Good afternoon Internet, Travis here coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge and Rig Ready Rams! We’re going to go over one of our last remaining Rig Ready Rams, to my knowledge this is the last available 2016 Ram 3500 Mega Cab Laramie diesel with the sport package. Obviously black colour match front and rear bumpers. In all of our Rig Ready Rams, we use top-of-the-line products for the aftermarket accessories, so we are looking at a six-inch BDS lift with the upgraded Fox 2.0 Shocks. We also do have the dual steering stabilizers in front.

Last thing you want to be getting any that death wobble when you’re on the highway doing 160 kilometers an hour for no apparent reason other than you want to be Tom Cruise when you grow up. 37inch Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tires. You got a 20-inch XD rim there. Matte black very nice. You got your heavy duty kickback mud flaps here. Last thing you want to do is be shooting rocks at other people or your rocker panels and make all kinds of dents and stuff yourself. We’ve got the painted to match fender flares, Bushwacker pocket style, full metal bumper in the front, parking sensors everything’s black, the grill inserts are black, everything is black.

Take a peek on the inside! It does have the proximity entry. It’s super huge so it takes 14 minutes to walk around! Full-leather interior, full leather dash, the seats are heated as well as cooled, the steering wheels heated, integrated trailer brake you got two-wheel drive, four-wheel lock, 4-wheel low, you should never ever in your life with a six-inch lift in a diesel truck get stuck. I have no idea how you would do that you would actually have to try! Fully loaded with a sunroof, 8.4 inch touchscreen, navigation, backup camera, 7-inch vehicle display center, electronically power panels you got the updated alpine audio system, power driver seat, heavy-duty floormats in the front and rear, because it’s wintertime now it’s all slushy and gross. The rear seats are heated.

It is a mega cab so there is a ton of space, they do fold down. It’s rumored that you could put a double mattress back here. By rumored I mean that it’s been proven that you can fit a double mattress back here! A ton of storage space for yourself, for the kids, for your work equipment, all that positive good stuff.

Let’s take a look at the back! As I mentioned previously, black colour match front and rear bumpers, classifier receiver, 7 and 4 pin wiring, backup camera, spray-in bedliner.

b_57b6256c39735_120910809_2016_ram_3500Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Guys this is the last remaining 2016 3500 Mega Cab. When you get into a Rig Ready Ram, you’re not going to find an identical truck at an identical price point is physically impossible. Also why would you buy a lifted truck from anywhere other than Redwater Dodge knowing full well that we are the home of the Rig Ready Ram!

For information guys feel free to give us a shout 780 942 3629, email us at, use the live chat feature on our website

Redwater Dodge, Home of the Rig Ready Ram!


2016 Dodge Charger AWD | SXT Trim | Redwater, AB

by Sales Team on October 17, 2016

Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Afternoon Internet! Travis here at Redwater Dodge! We are going to do another full-scale walk around for you on one of our most prized pieces of inventory, this is actually my favourite vehicle we have in a lot this is a 2016 Dodge Charger SXT all-wheel-drive rally pack. Incredible, incredible technology.

First thing you’re going to notice, it is brilliant black. We’ve got your Lexan coated projector style lens. The whole front end of this thing looks like it was designed by NASA. Super tight! You’ve got the upper grille, the lower grille, you’ve got the fog lamps down there below shining and shimmering.

Take a look under the hood, powered by the 3.6 liter Pentastar motor with variable valve timing. Variable valve timing basically means that it’s computer-controlled, how fast or slow the valves open and close giving you optimal fuel economy as well as power everything. Underneath the hood it;s fairly easy to access, your dipstick is gonna be over here clearly marked with yellow, your fuse box is going to be here, battery terminals as well you’ve got your positive or negative is just poking up over here. Very easy to get to if you got to boost somebody or someone ends up having to boost you. Windshield washer fluid, your rad fluid and everything like that is all over there.

We’ve obviously got the sound-dampening film here or the engine noise dampening film. It is also flame-retardant, god forbid your motor were to light on fire these plastic clips are going to melt that’s going to fall down, completely dosing the flame.

We have a beautiful, solid chrome 19-inch Dodge Charger rim wrapped in a Michelin All Terrain tire. Super sleek, everything black, coloured to match. You’ve got your black mirrors, black door handles, you do have the proximity entry. With the proximity entry as long as you have the key fob on you, you can lock and unlock the vehicle by using a sensor or the button to lock. Fully equipped with the sunroof. It is the all-wheel drive rally pack as listed on the window sticker.

Taking a peek on the inside it is powered by Beats audio system. It has beautiful white leather interior with a leather outfit. Its also got these beautiful white leather inserts on the doors and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Lets see it inside! An incredible amount of technology has gone into this guys. We’ve got to the pedals there for shifting if you want to get your Nascar on. A beautiful shifter here for the center console shift, 8.4 inch touchscreen, you do have the heated seats, the heated wheel and the cooled seats. You also have the ability to change the strength or stiffness of your steering wheel.

You can go from sport mode, standard mode, or comfort mode. You also have the ability of putting your transmission or your drivetrain into what’s called sport mode that’s obviously optimal for more power being an all-wheel-drive. This is a perfect sedan for wintertime on top of the fact that it looks incredibly sweet and has all the technology in the world.

It does come fully equipped with a sunroof. It’s all auto, you also have the option of strictly venting that. Taking a peek on the inside here in the center console you got your auxiliary port USB port and a space for your SD card. Obviously using your SD, you can download songs and pictures and stuff like that directly to the 8.4 inch touchscreen that way you’re not having to worry about bringing your iPod or anything like that along with you for the ride… every time you want to listen to that music it does have the hands-free Bluetooth as well it is also a push-button start.

It is a full-size sedan. There is plenty of room in the back as well also to be separated with a little bit of a cup holder and also coming fully equipped with its own little bit of a shallow console here. It does have all the hookups and stuff in the back for all of your child seats and things of that nature. The rear seats are also heated and they do come with two of their own USB charging ports.

Obviously it is going to come with a backup camera! What doesn’t this car have? It also has the parking sensors in the rear as well as this beautiful dual exhaust. What you may or may not have noticed was that it’s fully outfitted with from factory floor mats. They’ve got beautiful thick carpet floor mats with a rubber inserts to keep the carpets and everything clean. You do have the keyless entry as I mentioned previously, trunk pops feature, there is plenty of space in here. First thing you’re probably going to notice is this big Beats by Dre subwoofer powering the speakers and everything and your whole sound experience in the interior of the vehicle. You can probably fit at least three or four human beings in here dead or alive, no big deal!


Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

For more information guys on this Charger, as I mentioned this is my favourite vehicle we have on our lot currently. Please visit our website that’s take advantage of that live chat feature, the live chat is going to put you in contact with one of our sales associates here, not going to be some person the basement in the Ukraine or anything like that. We will have all the information available to you and if we don’t have that our desks are within walking distance to any vehicle on our lot.

Feel free to give us an email as well that better yet give us a shout down here at the store 780 942 3629. I do not see this Charger lasting the winter it’s a beautiful all-wheel drive unit, fully capable of tackling the snowfall here that we should be expecting any time now. Give us a shout, book a test drive and come take a look in person! Thank you.


Mopar Express Lane Celebration Continues at Redwater Dodge

by David Tingley on October 15, 2016



Huge Tire Sale On Now in Redwater Alberta

by David Tingley on October 15, 2016

When we decide to have a Tire Sale at the new Mopar Express Lane we go all out.

Buy 3 tires and receive the 4th one FREE on select brands.

This is the biggest “Tire” event we’ve ever put on.

With any tire purchase or tire change you can also take advantage of our new Tire Storage Facility “The Rubber Inn”

If you own a Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Ram, you can have a basic oil changed for $10.

If your driving something other than a CDJR no problem. Our standard Oil Change starts at just $40 including labour, oil, filter, 33 point inspection, even the GST.



The Rubber Inn

by David Tingley on October 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Tire Storage Facility at Redwater Dodge.

With a tire purchase or installation, you can now store your tires with us for just $10 a season.

Call or visit today for full details.  780-942-3629

Follow this link to book a service appointment online.


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40 Dollar Oil Change Special

by David Tingley on October 15, 2016

Most owners of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicles near Redwater Alberta are now aware that Redwater Dodge is THE original home of the $10 Dollar Oil Change.

We wanted to offer special pricing to owners of other vehicle brands.

We are happy to announce that we have reduced our price for a basic oil change to just $40 for most makes and models. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for full details and answers to common questions related to this special pricing.

This offer is available by online reservation only. Just complete the form below and one of our Customer Service Agents will contact you to arrange the appointment.




Question: What do I get for $40 ?

Answer: The service includes  regular oil (5 litres) , standard NAPA filter, labour, lube,  tax,  and a 33 point inspection (Plus fluid top ups as required).

Question: What’s the catch?

Answer: No catch.  Gas engines start at just $40  (Excludes Synthetic Oil) –  Click here to see what our customers are saying about their $10 oil change on Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram vehicles.

Question: What’s in this for Redwater Dodge?

Answer: Simply put, the more people who visit our dealership, the more people we get to know and the more vehicles we will sell.

Question: I don’t need and oil change now but I will in two months. Can I get a Rain Check?

Answer: This promotion is limited to the first 10 people who complete the online form each day. Appointments can be made up to one week in advance however, there are no Rain Checks.

Question: I never bought my vehicle from Redwater Dodge, can I still participate?

Answer: Yes

Question: I drive a GM / Ford / Import . Can I still participate?

Answer: The $40 oil basic change special is for privately owned (non commercial)  vehicles of most makes and models other than Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram.  If you are driving a Diesel or require synthetic oil, complete the reservation form above and a customer service agent will call you with pricing information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will beat any advertised price for all makes and models. (Just bring in the ad when you come for the oil change)

Question: I don’t live in Redwater. I live in Edmonton. Can I still participate?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I drop off my vehicle and pick it up at the end of the day?

Answer: Anyone who purchased a vehicle from Redwater Dodge can drop off. New customers are welcome to wait in our service lounge and enjoy free Tim Hortons coffee.

Question: How long does it take to have the service complete?

Answer: For reservations, we are usually looking at 30-45 minutes.

Question: I prefer to use Synthetic Oil. Is there an additional charge for Synthetic Oil?

Answer:  Yes. Ask customer service rep for details when they call to confirm reservations. Price depends on model.

Question: My vehicle requires more than the standard 5 litres of oil, is the price still $40 ?

Answer: The basic oil change includes 5 litres of regular oil and a standard NAPA oil filter. Some vehicles require a special filter, synthetic oil, and or more than 5 litres of oil. When the Customer Service Representative calls to book the appointment, they will be able to answer these questions. That said, the vast majority of the oil changes we do qualify for the $40 special pricing.

Important Note: This offer limited to 10 online reservations per day and may end at anytime without prior notice.

Offer does not apply to  Commercial Vehicles,  Heavy Equipment, Fleet Vehicles, Rentals, or taxi’s.

Just privately owned passenger vehicles (Cars and Pickups)

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Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle
Good afternoon Internet, it’s Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Today we are in the showroom and we are going to do a very special walkaround today. Parked behind me I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel! This is one of the numbered trucks it was not mass produced, there is only about 500 of these put into production with the Mopar appearance pack.

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2013 RAM 3500 | SLT Trim | Redwater, AB

by Sales Team on October 3, 2016

Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinance This Vehicle

Hey everyone, Tyler here from Redwater Dodge. Just going to do a quick video on one of our lovely pre-owned units. It is a 2013 Ram 3500 SLT, silver obviously. One of the nice things about this vehicle is that it is a long box.

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